Virtual Reality Roleplay

Step into the dynamic world of Virtual Reality Roleplay, a text-based SAMP roleplay server designed to provide an immersive, interactive experience with a multitude of custom features tailored to enhance your roleplaying journey. From leveling up to starting a business, every action is meaningful. The features include:

Custom leveling system

A rewarding system that values your skill and time invested.

Unique locations

Immerse yourself in a diverse, thoughtfully crafted world.

Hotel system

Experience the hospitality industry, whether as a guest or proprietor.

Food & water

Maintain your character’s vitality with sustenance and hydration, just as in real life.

Banks, loans, and financial institutions

Dive into the intricate world of virtual finance, allowing for savings, investments, and loans.

Start a gang, join a mafia

Choose a path of thrill and danger, leading or joining organized crime syndicates.

Governmental policies and representatives

Play an active role in the server’s politics – every voice counts.

Dozens of premade jobs

Choose from an array of professions, each with unique challenges and rewards.

Realistic car mechanics

Drive with precision with our detailed car mechanics system.

Legal system

A comprehensive justice system that ensures order – abide by the law or deal with the consequences.

Healthcare system

Recover from injuries or illness within our realistic healthcare infrastructure.

Education system

Further your character’s knowledge and unlock premium job roles.

Dynamic weather system

Experience the virtual world in all its authenticity with changing weather patterns and seasons.


you won't find another server like this.